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Bridal Tips

Let our experience guide your way!

Here are a list of suggestions we have learned through out the years to help you prep for your special day.


- Do some research!  Look through photos to help you decide what kind of bride you want to be. This will help give us direction to deliver your dream!

- Groom your brows!  Properly groomed and shaped brows help enhance and add expression to the face and are without doubt an essential step to completing any wedding makeup application. Don't wait until the wedding day to shape them the very first time.


- Water, water, water!  Drink plenty of water leading up to your wedding.  It is the best thing we can do for our skin and will help make your dream photos become a reality!


-Skin care! Consider getting on a skincare regimen during the months preceding your wedding. The makeup will sit much better if your skin is exfoliated, hydrated and healthy.  

- Schedule a trial!  Since we are in demand please contact us as soon as you have your wedding date chosen.  We do take wedding day deposits to hold your special day for you as well as completing a signed contract to put you at ease. 

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